Visiting The Area

                                                                            Arcadia, Wisconsin

On your way to Arcadia you will view some of the most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere.  Arcadia is located in the drift-less area or non-glaciated area. When approaching Arcadia from the east, west, and south you will encounter many beautiful vistas and rolling terrain formed during this period.
On your tour of the Arcadia area be sure to leave time for a trip south of town on Highway 93.  As you climb the hills you will be treated to some of the most breathtaking scenery anywhere.  On Skyline Drive, the scenic overlooks offer you a fantastic view of the valleys, coulees, and family farms nestled in the lush countryside.
While in town, visit our downtown area and our 93/95 crossroads area.  There you will find many family owned businesses that offer a wide array of merchandise. 
Our aim is to make you feel like you are coming home. 



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