Emergency Services

                                                                                                                                      Arcadia, Wisconsin



Emergency Response

Trempealeau County, which includes Arcadia, is served by an enhanced 9-1-1 emergency response system.

Fire Department

Arcadia has a 30-man, all volunteer, fire department. All personnel receive bimonthly training and are state certified. The department has 8 vehicles consisting of 4 pumper trucks, 1 ladder truck,  1 tankers, a rescue vehicle and 2 multipurpose vehicles. The fire department has a Class 5 rating, which is the highest rating currently given to a volunteer department.

Ambulance Service

The Arcadia Ambulance Service is a voluntary organization servicing the cities of Arcadia, Independence and 6 area townships. The crew consists of approximately 30 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTS) who have committed a great deal of their time to help provide emergency medical aid to local residents. Our EMTS are trained in Basic Life Support and are licensed by the State of Wisconsin to provide defibrillation and epinephrine services. In addition, each member attends continuing education classes on a regular basis.

Emergency Room Services

Franciscan Skemp Healthcare - Arcadia has a well equipped emergency room and staff. If the need arises, rapid transport of critical cases can be provided by helicopter services which are only 18 minutes to the trauma centers in La Crosse and about 30 minutes from Mayo Clinic's highly rated trauma center in Rochester, MN.


Police Department

The Arcadia Police Department has 5 full-time officers and 1 drug detecting K-9 who provide 24 hour police protection. At present, Arcadia is  the only department in Trempealeau County to have a K-9 unit. If necessary, the Trempealeau County Sheriff's Department assists with additional manpower and/or support needs. In addition to their regular duties, the department is also actively involved in the McGruff program, Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety, Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Crime Prevention education, and also involved in the D.A.R.E. program. We have officers trained in criminal and accident investigation, tactical situations and K-9 incidents.


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