Loop #4   -  The Peaceful Kingdom

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The Peaceful Kingdom

26 miles Dodge/Pine Creek to Arcadia

There are 2 options.  The 26-mile loop along the lazy Trempealeau River passing through wild marshlands.  There are some steep climbs for a few miles.  The nearly 20 miles are spectacular ridge-top touring.  Or, decide on the four-mile longer journey on the Dodge side passing through marshes, wide valleys surrounded by high bluffs and dense forests.  When reaching Arcadia, be sure to visit the Memorial Park.


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1.  Trempealeau to Galesville 25
2.  Trempealeau to Dodge/Pine Creek 32
3.  Galesville to Ettrick 24
4.  Dodge/Pine Creek to Arcadia 26
5.  Ettrick to Arcadia 36
6.  Ettrick to Blair 28
7.  Arcadia to Independence 26
8.  Whitehall to Independence 15
9.  Independence to Elk Creek 24
10.  Pigeon Falls to Coral City/Blair/Whitehall 30
11.  Osseo to Pleasantville/Pigeon Falls 28
12.  Osseo to Strum 18
13.  Eleva to Strum/Elk Creek 30
14.  Strum to Eleva 18