City Services
Arcadia has a mayoral form of city government With 7 elected council persons
City Hall Angela Berg, City Clerk
203 West Main Street (608)323-3359
Arcadia, WI 54612

Mayor Gary Bautch
Electric Department Tim Putz
Water Department Jim Lisowski
Garbage Service Dave Kokott
Street Department Dave Kokott

Electric Generation 9,200 KW
Water Pumping 2,304,000 gallons daily
Waste Water Capacity 2,117,000 gallons daily
Waste Water Treatment Aerated lagoon system
Garbage Service Lg bags $2.25 
Sm bags $1.35
1 yd dumpster $12.00
1 1/2 yd dumpster $18.00

Average Residential Costs:
Electric: Fixed charge of $4.00 per month + $.0578 pkh
Water: Fixed charge of $5.00 per month + $1.60 per 1000 gal.
Sewer: Fixed charge of $10.70 per month + $.90 per 1000 gal.
Commercial: Based on usage in all three above categories

Area Parks:
Memorial Park
Klink Deer Park
Schultz Park
Fairfield Park
Tot Park
Pahl Park
Killian's Children Park

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