Annual Arcadia Chamber of Commerce

Christmas Decorating Contest - 2003


  Rules and Regulations


  1. To enter the Contest, you must be a resident of the Arcadia School District
  2. To qualify for the contest, you must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce office by December 12th.  
  3. You may register by phone at 608-323-2319, email at [email protected]  or click here to fill out the registration form with the following information:
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Email Address
    4. Phone number
    5. Directions to above address from Arcadia City Hall
    6. Category in which you are entering.
  4. Categories to enter in are as follows:
    1. Business
    2. Rural Residential
    3. City of Arcadia Residential
  5. Judging will take place between December 13th and December 21st.   Lights need to be left on until at least 9 PM each night between these dates. 
  6. The decision of the judges is final.
  7. Prizes are gift certificates as follows:
    1. Business:  1st -$100 ~ 2nd -$60
    2. Rural Residential:  1st - $60 ~ 2nd - $40
    3. City of Arcadia Residential:  1st - $60 ~ 2nd - $40